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Life is constantly changing, it seems. Just when we've mastered where we are, we find ourselves somewhere else!

Metamorphosis is focused on providing actionable insights and information to navigate life's changing circumstances.

Here is where you will find programs to help guide and educate you and give you the confidence to make the best decisions possible. Most importantly, each program has additional resources for you: checklists to move you forward and suggestions on important conversations with loved ones.

You are the reason Metamorphosis is here. 

I know how feelings of uncertainty can shroud decision-making. My goal is for you to leave a webinar feeling less stressed, more confident, and ready to take action.

As we get older, we find ourselves facing choices on retirement, social security and Medicare, estate planning, and dealing with sickness and death of loved ones. Each of these issues are important and often difficult. Sometimes, they feel so heavy that we stop dealing with them. I want you to feel supported here in these tough decisions.

Finally, there is a place to go for answers and guidance for these important topics. 

Whether you are here for yourself, for a loved one, or as an advisor to someone facing these choices, I'm glad you're here.

Welcome to Metamorphosis!

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Metamorphosis is dedicated to providing relatable and important information in easy-to-understand segments.

Meet Ilene

Meet Ilene

For almost 25 years, my career was spent providing financial education and investment guidance to my clients. I first authored Women and Their Money in 1987 and presented it in the DC metro area.  Women who attended thanked me for supporting them in their financial journey. They realized without understanding financial literacy, the choices they might make could have devastating and unintended results.

More recently, as a retirement trainer for federal employees, I hear students share stories about the heartache they've seen in their families when people fail to take action.

It's what drives me to continue to talk about retirement and other later-in-life choices. I love witnessing people get to that 'aha' moment where information makes sense, and they act on it.

No one knows better than I that life can take you in unplanned directions. If mistakes could be made, I’ve made them. What propels me is my understanding of how a clear vision, a new story, and changed behaviors make the difference between success and failure.

Metamorphosis is for you. For all of us who occasionally need help finding answers. For all of us who occasionally need help changing our behaviors. So that we all can experience our 'aha'. 

Here's to your success!